Least H-eigenvalue of adjacency tensor of hypergraphs with cut vertices


Let G be a connected hypergraph with even uniformity, which contains cut vertices. Then G is the coalescence of two nontrivial connected sub-hypergraphs (called branches) at a cut vertex. Let \(\mathscr{A}(G)\) be the adjacency tensor of G. The least H-eigenvalue of \(\mathscr{A}(G)\) refers to the least real eigenvalue of \(\mathscr{A}(G)\) associated with a real eigenvector. In this paper, we obtain a perturbation result on the least H-eigenvalue of \(\mathscr{A}(G)\) when a branch of G attached at one vertex is relocated to another vertex, and characterize the unique hypergraph whose least H-eigenvalue attains the minimum among all hypergraphs in a certain class of hypergraphs which contain a fixed connected hypergraph.

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This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 11871073, 11771016).

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  • Hypergraph
  • adjacency tensor
  • least H-eigenvalue
  • eigenvector
  • perturbation


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  • 05C65
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