Electro-optic lithium niobate metasurfaces


Many applications of metasurfaces require an ability to dynamically change their properties in the time domain. Electrical tuning techniques are of particular interest, since they pave a way to on-chip integration of metasurfaces with optoelectronic devices. In this work, we propose and experimentally demonstrate an electro-optic lithium niobate (EO-LN) metasurface that shows dynamic modulations to phase retardation of transmitted light. Quasi-bound states in the continuum (QBIC) are observed from this metasurface. By applying external electric voltages, the refractive index of lithium niobate (LN) is changed by Pockels EO nonlinearity, leading to efficient phase modulations to the transmitted light around the QBIC wavelength. The EO-LN metasurface developed in this study opens up new routes for potential applications in the field of displaying, pulse shaping, and spatial light modulating.

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Correspondence to MengXin Ren or JingJun Xu.

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This work was supported by the Guangdong Major Project of Basic and Applied Basic Research (Grant No. 2020B0301030009), the National Key R&D Program of China (Grant Nos. 2017YFA0305100, 2017YFA0303800, and 2019YFA0705000), the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 92050114, 91750204, 61775106, 11904182, 12074200, and 11774185), the 111 Project (Grant No. B07013), PCSIRT (Grant No. IRT0149), the Open Research Program of Key Laboratory of 3D Micro/Nano Fabrication and Characterization of Zhejiang Province, Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (Grant Nos. 010-63201003, 010-63201008, and 010-63201009), and Tianjin Youth Talent Support Program. We thank the Nanofabrication Platform of Nankai University for fabricating the samples.

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  • lithium niobate metasurfaces
  • electro-optic modulation
  • bound states in the continuum
  • resonance