The planar Lp dual Minkowski problem


In this paper we study the Lpq-dual Minkowski problem for the case p < 0 < q. We prove for any positive smooth function f on \(\mathbb{S}^{1}\), there exists an F: ℝ+ → ℝ, such that if F(q) < p < 0 or 0 < q < −F(−p) then there is a smooth and strictly convex body solving the planar Lpq-dual Minkowski problem.

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This work was supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 11971424 and 11571304).

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Correspondence to Weimin Sheng.

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In Memory of Professor Zhengguo Bai (1916–2015)

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  • Lp dual Minkowski type problem
  • elliptic PDE
  • degree theory


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