Table 3 Coding categories of the epistemic dimension

From: Supporting interdisciplinary collaborative concept mapping with individual preparation phase

Categories Descriptor and sample statements
Contribution Surface an idea/a concept in which a new topic of conversation not discussed before is introduced
E.g., I read somewhere that migration is because if you have an increase in the world population and especially in certain countries, there is a shortage of raw materials
Verification Request information about the intended meaning of a contribution
E.g., What do you mean? Migration and short of raw materials
Clarification React to a verification and/or seek further explanation to check for understanding
E.g., More population means more scarcity of goods, more conflicts among themselves
Elaboration Expand an idea/a concept by adding more information
E.g., Yes, but if you read those reports, it is mainly eight countries where it is growing bizarrely and the Netherlands is not one of them …
Positioning Summarize one’s viewpoint and take a position by agreeing, disagreeing, accepting or rejecting
E.g., Then you can add that ecological link. I think that it is precisely this shortage of raw materials that causes migration