dear big S science

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    this is my journey of (re)connection with my Cree English Polish roots, buried deep within the soil, hidden for safe keeping…

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    From Piikani Elder Reg Crowshoe, na-moo, meaning bee in Blackfoot, it’s not just a word, not just written, but when said, naaa-moooo mimics the sound of a bee, the interactions of spirit between the bee and the ear, hearing and connecting to the song of the bee (p.c.)

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    Tobacco is a sacred plant to many First Nations and Métis communities across Turtle Island (North America), but not all. Different communities have different traditions based on the land they are on. This reference is from oral teachings from Blackfoot and Plains Cree Elders.

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    The smoke here refers to burning the tobacco, either in a smudge (a ceremony, often including other sacred medicines such as sweetgrass, sage, or cedar, burning in an abalone shell where the smoke takes the prayers to Creator), or in a ceremonial pipe. Smoke is not inhaled.


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