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Table 4 Numbers of case groups (1st value) and LCA studies (2nd value = subscript) ranking the beverage carton in similar ways within the respective comparisons to alternative packaging types; beverage category ‘Juice’ includes nectar and ice tea

From: LCA studies comparing beverage cartons and alternative packaging: can overall conclusions be drawn?

Relative environmental impact of beverage carton in regarded product comparison: Lowest Neither lowest nor highest Highest
Climate change Juice (J) 1710 11
Ambient milk (AM) 88
Fresh milk (FM) 97 11
Acidification J 149 22 11
AM 66
FM 108
Cumulated energy/fossil resource consumption J 168 11
AM 66
FM 76 11
Land use (forestry) J 126
AM 33
FM 43
Summer smog J 74 11 42
AM 44
FM 65
Terrestrial eutrophication J 106 11
AM 22 11
FM 76
  1. Exemplification: ‘32’ listed in the rightmost column means that the beverage carton was found to have the highest environmental impact in three case groups (e.g. with different fill volumes) that were examined by two studies