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Table 3 Environmental impact indicators and inventory level categories covered in the analysed LCA studies (numbers indicate how many reports address each aspect)

From: LCA studies comparing beverage cartons and alternative packaging: can overall conclusions be drawn?

Environmental impact indicators Inventory level categories
Resource related Emission related
Energy resource consumption (13) Climate change (22) Cumulated energy demand (14)
Land use (8) Acidification (18) Waste (5)
Water consumption (3) Eutrophication (18) Traffic (3)
Abiotic resource consumption (2) Summer smog (14)  
  Ecotoxicity (5)  
  Human toxicity (5)  
  Ozone depletion (4)  
  Winter smog (2)  
  Odour (2)  
  1. Note that the terminology does not always correspond with that of the original LCA report