Second International Conference on “Recent Trends in Environment and Sustainable Development” (RTESD 2019)

The environment is getting degraded at a very high speed in India, the reason being rapid growth of population, poverty, urbanization, industrialization, and other related factors. Environmental problems have grown to be severe in many parts of the country, and hence cannot be ignored. The major environmental issues of concern in India are relating to air and water pollution mainly in metropolitan cities and industrial zones. There is a need to encourage participation of academicians and young researchers to overcome the critical environmental, economic, and political challenges being faced by the country and world as a whole. Goals needed to be set for clean water and sanitation; affordable and clean energy; industry innovation and infrastructure with economic growth, sustainable cities, and communities; responsible consumption and production; and maximum action and partnership for the goals. Due to limited resources, there is a fight for utilization leading to their extinction. Unplanned activities are generating a huge amount of waste which go beyond the absorptive capability of the environment. Our effort in the environmental sustainable development conference is to deal with this global environmental crisis, exploring ways and measures that can be undertaken to control the crisis and for remedial purpose.

One who is working on the idea of environmental conservation must understand that sustainable development is only possible and gains real momentum if we are able to conserve resources and use them in a manner that they are sufficiently available for the coming generation as well. Sustainable development is a process that provides for the present generation without compromising on the needs of the future generations. We through a conference have tried to lay emphasis on the idea of passing on an environment with enough and good quality resources to the future generation, just as we have bequeathed from our previous generations. We have to switch to renewable sources of energy as compared to the conventional one that lead to climatic degradation. Increased awareness and consciousness can lead to the resolution of major environmental problems of a country which are related to the level of its economic development. In India, sincere efforts are being made on for the environmental management in a sustainable manner ranging from educating people about environment and its conservation to providing special training for environmental management. Through a conference, we have tried to establish coordination between government agencies, NGOs and the public for the proper management of environment quality and to achieve sustainable development in the country.

The International Conference on “Recent Trends in Environment and Sustainable Development” (RTESD 2019) was a multidisciplinary, peer reviewed international conference on exploration of environment science and engineering-related issues and their possible solutions. This conference provided an opportunity for the researches, academicians, scientists, as well as students to come together and engage in fruitful exchange of views and ideas to pave way for the development of environment and sustainable development.

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