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MicroRNA-411 promoted the osteosarcoma progression by suppressing MTSS1 expression

  • Ning Xu
  • Weiliang Yang
  • Yang Liu
  • Feng Yan
  • Zhange Yu
Research Article


MicroRNAs (miRNAs) play crucial roles in the progression of different tumors. In our study, we investigated the expression and roles of miR-411 in human osteosarcoma. In this study, we first confirmed that the miR-411 expression was higher in the serum of patients with osteosarcoma than in the serum of healthy volunteers. In addition, we found that the miR-411 expression was upregulated in the osteosarcoma tissues compared to that in the matched normal bone tissues. We also demonstrated that the miR-411 expression was upregulated in the four osteosarcoma cell lines. Elevated expression of miR-411 promoted osteosarcoma cell proliferation and migration. Moreover, we identified that metastasis suppressor protein 1 (MTSS1) was a direct target gene of miR-411 in the osteosarcoma cell. We also demonstrated that the MTSS1 expression was downregulated in the osteosarcoma tissues compared to that in the matched normal bone tissues. In addition, MTSS1 expression level was inversely correlated with miR-411 expression in the osteosarcoma tissues. Furthermore, elevated expression of miR-411 enhanced the osteosarcoma cell proliferation and migration through inhibiting the MTSS1 expression. These data suggested that miR-411 played as oncogene in the osteosarcoma partly by inhibiting the MTSS1 expression.


Osteosarcoma MicroRNAs miR-411 MTSS1 Oncogene 



This work was supported by The Scientific Research Innovation Foundation of the First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University (Grant No.2017B021) and The Scientific Research Project of Health and Family Planning Commission of Heilongjiang Province (Grant No.2017-052) and The General Program of the Natural Science Foundation of Heilongjiang Province (Grant No.JJ2018ZRO199).

Compliance with ethical standards

The study was approved by the Ethic Committee of The First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University and informed consent was obtained from each patient.

Supplementary material

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  • Ning Xu
    • 1
  • Weiliang Yang
    • 1
  • Yang Liu
    • 1
  • Feng Yan
    • 1
  • Zhange Yu
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  1. 1.Department of Orthopedic SurgeryThe First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical UniversityHarbinChina

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