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Color Stereo-Digital Image Correlation Method Using a Single 3CCD Color Camera



This paper presents a novel color stereo-digital image correlation (stereo-DIC) method using a single 3CCD color camera for full-field shape, motion, and deformation measurements without any sacrifice of the camera sensor spatial resolution. With the aid of a specially designed color separation device using a beam splitter and two optical bandpass filters, images of blue and red colors are simultaneously recorded by the 3CCD camera from two different optical paths. The blue and red channel sub-images extracted from the recorded color images can be analyzed using the regular stereo-DIC algorithm to obtain the full-field three dimensional (3D) information of a test object surface. The effectiveness and accuracy of the proposed technique are demonstrated by a series of real shape, in-plane and out-of-plane translation, and 3D deformation tests.


Digital image correlation 3CCD camera 3D deformation measurement 



This work is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant nos. 11272032, 11322220, 11427802, and 11632010), the Beijing Nova Program (xx2014B034), the opening fund of State Key Laboratory of Explosion Science and Technology (Project No. KFJJ16-10 M), and the Academic Excellence Foundation of BUAA for PhD Students.


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