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Book Review

  • Tyler H. Matta
Book Review

VON DAVIER, A. A., ZHU, M., & KYLLONEN, P. C. (2017). Innovative Assessmentof Collaboration. Cham, Switzerland: Springer International Publishing. ISBN 978-3-319-33259-8.

There are relatively few books focused on the assessment of collaboration, whether from IO psychology or educational measurement. Examples from IO psychology include Brannick, Salas, & Prince (1997), and more recently, select chapters in Bennett, Lance & Woehr (2006). Assessment of collaboration in educational contexts is rarely a focus on its own, but rather, wrapped into the literature on twenty-first century skills (e.g., Griffin & Care, 2015). Furthermore, there may be no cross-disciplinary texts on assessing collaboration. von Davier, Zhu, and Kyllonen’s (2017) edited volume attempts to do just this. Based on a 2014 working meeting sponsored by the US Army Research Institute (ARI) and Educational Testing Service (ETS), Innovative Assessment of Collaborationconsolidates...


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