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  • Joern Block
  • Christian Fisch

Dear readers of Management Review Quarterly,

As you have witnessed since 2014, our journal has been undergoing key strategic transitions, be it the shift from featuring predominantly German language articles to English; renaming the journal; introducing a better editorial management system, and gradually increasing the number of articles published. As part of these ongoing efforts, from January 1st, 2018, we have been given the editorial responsibilities of the journal by the previous board, and the ownership of the journal has been given to Springer. We are happy to introduce ourself with our first regular issue this year. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the past editorial team, Prof. Anne D’Arcy, Prof. Jonas Puck, Prof. Thomas Reutterer and Prof. Engelbert Dockner, for their hard work and initiatives which began to turn Management Review Quarterly (MRQ) into an international journal with a clear niche focus. The path to becoming a top journal is hard, but we believe that the journal is on a very good way to become a highly important pillar contributing to an evidence-based management and business discipline.

We are very delightful that the past editorial team has accepted our offer to continue supporting the journal in their new role as editorial board members. We also thank the members of the editorial board for their tremendous support of the journal in the past. The vast majority of them has decided to keep up their work for the journal and will stay as active members on the editorial board. At the same time, we have taken the opportunity to expand the editorial board by a number of respected scholars from various disciplines. We feel very honored for the trust that they have put in us to continue the successful pathway of the journal and to make it even more appealing as an international and focused outlet. We will continue enlarging the editorial board to grow our community of readers, authors, and reviewers.

We believe that the current focus of the journal on systematic literature reviews is exactly right and has given the journal a clear and important raison d’être. This clear focus has been very important to build a unique journal identity. We would like to keep this focus and at the same time extend it slightly by some complementary elements or article types. We have decided to extend the focus on literature reviews by expanding our scope to accepting and featuring bibliographic studies, meta-analyses, and replication studies. All four article types are tremendously important to pursue MRQ’s aim to summarize and categorize knowledge in management and business research, aggregate important empirical research findings, and challenge existing knowledge.

MRQ’s broader mission is to contribute to the development of an empirically grounded business and management research that is not only of interest for academic readers but also for practitioners interested in evidence-based management and/or evidence-based policy making. As regards the journal’s scope, we will continue the tradition of MRQ (formerly ‘Journal für Betriebswirtschaft’) by covering all fields of business and management research including both new and established ones. MRQ wants to distinguish itself from other journals by its focus on a diverse set of article types and not by a focus on a particular sub-discipline of business and management research. Thus, we will continue to welcome submissions from all fields of business and management research including neighboring disciplines such as economics, psychology and sociology. Even though this makes the editorial work challenging, we believe that such a broad and encompassing thematic scope was and continues to be a key strength of the journal.

In the upcoming editorials we shall go deeper into each of the different article types to explain the motivation and clarify on our expectations. For now, we wish you an inspiring and insightful read of the first issue of 2018 and hope that you keep on supporting our journal as a reader, author and/or reviewer.

Joern Block, Editor-in-Chief

Christian Fisch, Managing Editor

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  1. 1.Trier UniversityTrierGermany
  2. 2.Erasmus School of Economics and Erasmus Institute of Management (ERIM), Erasmus University RotterdamRotterdamThe Netherlands

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