Efficient time-interval data extraction in MVCC-based RDBMS

  • Haixiang Li
  • Zhanhao Zhao
  • Yijian Cheng
  • Wei Lu
  • Xiaoyong Du
  • Anqun Pan
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Account reconciliation is the core business in banks and game companies. It regularly examines the account balance with the bank or expense statement for every user and reports the daily, weekly, or monthly balance. Once an account imbalance occurs, it is necessary to efficiently trace the transactions that possibly destroy the account balances. To help efficiently trace this kind of transactions, in this paper, we investigate the problem of doing efficient time-interval data extraction in MVCC-based RDBMS, i.e., extracting the incremental data that are valid between a given time interval in MVCC-based RDBMS. To this end, we propose a snapshot-based method to extract incremental data based on the fact that each record is inherently associated with lifetime, indicating whether the record can be accessed or not for a given time interval. We elaborate how to integrate our method into MySQL, an open-sourced RDBMS, and propose a declarative way to fetch the incremental data. Several optimization techniques are proposed to boost the extraction performance. Extensive experiments are conducted over the standardized Sysbench benchmark to show that our proposed method is robust and efficient.


RDBMS MVCC Incremental data extraction Snapshot 



We would like to thank the anonymous reviewers for their valuable comments. This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (61502504, 61732014) and the Tencent Research Grant for Renmin University of China.


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  • Wei Lu
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  • Anqun Pan
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