P-NoC: Performance Evaluation and Design Space Exploration of NoCs for Chip Multiprocessor Architecture Using FPGA


The network-on-chip (NoC) has emerged as an efficient and scalable communication fabric for chip multiprocessors (CMPs) and multiprocessor system on chips (MPSoCs). The NoC architecture, the routers micro-architecture and links influence the overall performance of CMPs and MPSoCs significantly. We propose P-NoC: an FPGA-based parameterized framework for analyzing the performance of NoC architectures based on various design decision parameters in this paper. The mesh and a multi-local port mesh (ML-mesh) topologies have been considered for the study. By fine-tuning various NoC parameters and synthesizing on the FPGA, identify that the performance of NoC architectures are influenced by the configuration of router parameters and the interconnect. Experiments show that the flit width, buffer depth, virtual channels parameters have a significant impact on the FPGA resources. We analyze the performance of the NoCs on six traffic patterns viz., uniform, bit shuffle, random permutation, transpose, bit complement and nearest neighbor. Configuring the router and the interconnect parameters, the ML-mesh topology yields 75% lesser utilization of FPGA resources compared to the mesh. The ML-mesh topology shows an improvement of 33.2% in network latency under localized traffic pattern. The mesh and ML-mesh topologies have 0.53\(\times\) and 0.1\(\times\) higher saturation throughput under nearest neighbor traffic compared to uniform random traffic.

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This work was supported by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India.

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