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James Chen annual award for best journal article

UMUAI is proud to announce that the following paper has been electeds as the recipient of the 2016 James Chen Annual Award for Best Journal Article:

The role of personality in shaping social networks and mediating behavioral change

Bruno Lepri, Jacopo Staiano, Erez Shmueli, Fabio Pianesi, Alex Pentland

UMUAI 26(2–3), 143–175

The paper was selected based on nominations from journal reviewers, editorial board members and guest editors, and a subsequent comparative review of the shortlisted papers by an award committee.

The James Chen Annual Award for Best Journal Article has been donated by the Chen family in commemoration of James R. Chen, a creative researcher in the area of user modeling and information retrieval, and twice a UMUAI author. The award carries a cash price of US$ 1000.

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