Mechanism and Kinetics of Ethane Aromatization According to the Chemical Transient Analysis


The need for on-purpose techniques for the conversion of cheaper and abundant light alkanes to petrochemical products has revitalized research interests on light alkanes aromatization. Here ethane/propane aromatization and ethylene oligomerization over the representative Zn-HZSM-5 and Pt/HZSM-5 catalysts have been studied by the step-perturbation transients to provide insight into the kinetics and mechanisms leading to higher olefins and aromatics formation from ethane aromatization. The time-dependent catalytic behavior during the build-up and back-transient between ethane and inert, ethane and propane, as well as ethylene and inert, has been extensively discussed. We suggested that the hydrocarbon-pool mechanism be involved once ethylene was produced from the dehydrogenation of ethane. The oligomerization/cracking, cyclization, and dehydrogenation/hydride transfer reactions involved with the hydrocarbon-pool species reach the thermodynamic equilibrium quickly. The initial ethane dehydrogenation and the final formation of aromatics from their corresponding intermediates are slow surface-reactions. The rate constants k for benzene, toluene, and xylene formation from the “lumped hydrocarbon-pool” have been evaluated based on the first-order kinetic model of the back-transient. The rate constants k for aromatics over the Pt0 clusters/particles in the Pt/HZSM-5 are ⁓ 20–30% higher than that over the Zn (II) cations in the Zn-HZSM-5 catalyst.

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Y.X. and S.F. is grateful for the financial support by NICE America Research, Inc. Y.X. is also thankful for the startup support from Mississippi State University. Y.X. would like to dedicate the present paper to Prof. Norbert Kruse for his 70th birthday.

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