Double Negation Semantics for Generalisations of Heyting Algebras


This paper presents an algebraic framework for investigating proposed translations of classical logic into intuitionistic logic, such as the four negative translations introduced by Kolmogorov, Gödel, Gentzen and Glivenko. We view these as variant semantics and present a semantic formulation of Troelstra’s syntactic criteria for a satisfactory negative translation. We consider how each of the above-mentioned translation schemes behaves on two generalisations of Heyting algebras: bounded pocrims and bounded hoops. When a translation fails for a particular class of algebras, we demonstrate that failure via specific finite examples. Using these, we prove that the syntactic version of these translations will fail to satisfy Troelstra’s criteria in the corresponding substructural logical setting.


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We thank: the late Franco Montagna for drawing our attention to [4] and for a manuscript proof that the equational theory of commutative GBL-algebras is a conservative extension of that of hoops; George Metcalfe for encouraging remarks and for pointers to the literature; and Isabel Ferreirim for helpful correspondence about the theory of hoops. Particular thanks are due to the anonymous referees for their careful reading of our draft and for their insightful and constructive comments.

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  • Pocrims
  • Hoops
  • Algebraic semantics
  • Negative translation
  • Double negation translation
  • Involutive core
  • Involutive replica