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Table 6 Target verses actual amounts of dopants per brick

From: The Mars Science Laboratory Organic Check Material

Variable Target Actual§
Number of bricks* 17 15
Amount of 3 FP in dopant solution 70.33 mg 60.90 mg**
Amount of 1 FN in dopant solution*** 144 μl 170 μl
Amount of 3 FP per brick 4.14 mg 3.58 mg
Amount of 1 FN per brick 8 μl 10 μl
Amount of 3 FP expected per 0.05 cm3 brick 10 nmol 8.65 nmol (5.50 nmol)
Amount of 1 FN expected per 0.05 cm3 brick 27.2 nmol 26.0 nmol (16.5 nmol)
  1. §Predicted amounts of dopants based on the actual dopant solution are dependent of brick volume with or without (in parentheses) pore spaces taken into consideration
  2. *Although there were only 15 bricks to dope, additional dopant solution was prepared in case it was needed
  3. **3 FP is sticky and clingy, making it difficult to weigh. Only 60.9 mg of the available dopant was successfully transferred to the vial on the microbalance
  4. ***The amount of 1 FN was adjusted to a volume easily measured and injected into the doping manifold using a 10-μl syringe