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, Volume 46, Issue 2, pp 270–275 | Cite as

Some properties of prime near-rings with (σ,τ)-derivation

  • O. Golbasi


Some results by Bell and Mason on commutativity in near-rings are generalized. Let N be a prime right near-ring with multiplicative center Z and let D be a (σ,τ)-derivation on N such that σD = Dσ and τD = Dτ. The following results are proved: (i) If D(N) ⊂ Z or [D(N), D(N)] = 0 or [D(N), D(N)]σ,τ = 0 then (N, +) is abelian; (ii) If D(xy) = D(x)D(y) or D(xy) = D(y)D(x) for all x, yN then D = 0.


prime near-ring derivation (σ τ)-derivation 


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  • O. Golbasi
    • 1
  1. 1.Cumhuriyet UniversitySivasTurkey

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