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Ruth Thomas-Pellicer, Vito De Lucia, Sian Sullivan (eds). 2016.Contributions to Law, Philosophy and EcologyExploring Re-Embodiments.Routledge. 256 pages. ISBN 9780815385202.

In a ‘collective weaving effort’, this engaging book pieces together counter-conceptions and trajectories to the modernist reality, translating them into philosophical, legal and ecological terms. Confronting the depersonalization and disembodiment of the modern subject with its destructive Anthropocenic consequences, the authors shape new narrative fields and irrigate them with vital conceptual referents—religare, living through, freedom. The paradigm of ‘re-embodiment’ is both the breeding ground and fertilizer of this new territory, breathing life into desiccated and fragmented soils, as an inherent process of reconnection. Reinvesting time and space as an experiential continuum, it goes beyond thresholds such as the human body and its materiality. It encompasses the various realms of the natural and...

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