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The scholarly transition of female academics at the University of Granada (1975-1990)

  • Ana M. Muñoz-Muñoz


An attempt is made to shed light on part of Granada University’s female academics’ past in what was a critical period in Spain’s history (1975-1982), referring of course to the political transition from dictatorship to democracy. The period studied is 1975-1990, in which an analysis is made of a section of the teaching staff, using part of the female staff as the sample due to their being the most socially affected during this period. Firstly, a study is carried out on the teaching staff, both male and female, to verify the staff situation at the university using the gender indicator. Secondly, the female teachers’ scholarly output is studied; due to the fact that areas of study are very varied, it has been considered appropriate to apply the study to monographs, scholarly publications articles and doctoral theses. Moreover, because the study intends to be as exhaustive as possible, various databases and catalogues have been consulted which collect the documental typology to be used in the analysis.


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  • Ana M. Muñoz-Muñoz
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  1. 1.Women’s Studies Institute, University of Granada

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