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Paul Thagard: The Cognitive Science of Science: Explanation, Discovery, and Conceptual Change

The MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2012, ISBN: 978-0-262-01728-2, 376 pages, price: $40
  • Karl S. Rosengren
Book Review

Paul Thagard is clearly one of the pioneers of the cognitive science of science and this book provides an extensive overview of many of his contributions to this field. In this book Thagard presents a collection of 18 essays (including ones co-authored with Scott Findlay, Abninder Litt, Daniel Saunders, Terrence Stewart, and Jing Zhu) that cover an impressive array of topics exploring how the interdisciplinary methods of cognitive science can be applied to the study of science and scientific discovery. The majority of the essays have been previously published, but Thagard has added new material in essays that introduce the main sections of the book, and in the final two chapters.

The book contains five sections, though the first section is comprised of only one chapter. This chapter serves to introduce the field of the cognitive science of science, introducing the different disciplines that contribute to cognitive science, and a number of themes that permeate the rest of the book....


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