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Keith S. Taber: Progressing Science Education: Constructing the Scientific Research Programme into the Contingent Nature of Learning Science

Science & Technology Education Library, V 37. Springer, Dordrecht, ISBN (hardcover): 978-90-481-2430-5, 402 pp, price: $189.00
  • Richard Duschl
Book Review

Looking back over the last 4 decades, developments in the advancement of knowledge and methods of inquiry in the sciences, psychology, history and philosophy of science and in educational research have been dynamic to say the least. Each domain has seen major belief revisions and, in turn, each has impacted images of science education. But debates abound around issues such as realist versus instrumentalist images of science; domain-general versus domain-specific perspectives about thinking and reasoning; direct teaching versus guided inquiry models of instruction, among others. While science education researchers and teachers may debate what precisely education research over the years has contributed to our evidence-based understandings about best teaching and learning practices, there has been one dominant and enduring perspective—conceptual change teaching. And here, too, we find a vibrant scholarly debate. Many adhere to the schema theory view of conceptual change while others...

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