Russian Linguistics

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Viktor Markovič Živov 1945–2013


All of the staff here at the Russian Linguistics journal deeply mourn the passing of a highly esteemed and internationally renowned colleague, as well as an active and respected member of the editorial board of Russian Linguistics, of which he was a member since 1992.

After the launch of the journal by A. V. Issatschenko in 1974, Viktor Markovič Živov’s first contributions to the journal were in the form of reviews of relevant works in the genre such as his review of B. Comrie and G. Stones’s The Russian Language since the Revolution (Oxford 1978) in 1980, and L. L. Kasatkina, E. V. Nemčenko and T. Ju. Stroganova’s Russkie govory. K izučeniju fonetiki, grammatiki, leksiki(Moskva 1975) in 1981. From the beginning his reviews were notable for their profound and broad knowledge of his subject matter, his animated interest in the scientific work of others and his critical and meticulous analysis of these scientific works. Without a doubt, the pinnacle of his work as a reviewer was...

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