Russian Physics Journal

, Volume 56, Issue 12, pp 1344–1356 | Cite as

Photodecay of a Negative Ion Exposed to Ultrashort Electromagnetic Pulses of Different Shapes

  • V. A. Astapenko
  • V. A. Bagan
Optics and Spectroscopy

Dependences of photodecay of a negative ion exposed to ultrashort electromagnetic pulses on pulse duration and its carrier frequency (for a Gaussian envelope) are theoretically investigated, and the energy spectrum of emitted photoelectrons is analyzed. Calculation is performed within the framework of the perturbation theory for ultrashort pulses of various shapes.


ultrashort electromagnetic pulse negative ion electron photodetachment 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Moscow Institute of Physics and TechnologyMoscowRussia

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