Russian Physics Journal

, Volume 52, Issue 3, pp 231–238 | Cite as

Acoustic emission during thermoelsatic martensitic transformations in titanium nickelide upon a fixed strain

  • V. А. Plotnikov
  • A. S. Gryaznov

The influence of the strain fixed during a direct martensitic transformation on the acoustic emission in the temperature interval including intervals of martensitic transformations is investigated. The effect of the martensitic phase stabilization is established and its influence on a decrease in the acoustic emission energy during thermal cycling of martensitic transformations upon a fixed strain is demonstrated.


acoustic emission titanium nickelide thermoelastic martensitic transformations martensitic strain reversible strain residual strain irreversible strain 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Altai State UniversityBarnaulRussia

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