Russian Physics Journal

, Volume 50, Issue 8, pp 765–775 | Cite as

Spatial filtering of the diffractional field of a double-exposure hologram of a focused scatterer image. Part I

  • V. G. Gusev
Optics and Spectroscopy


Interferometer sensitivity to a transverse or longitudinal displacement is analyzed for the case of diffusively scattering plane surface. It is shown that the sensitivity does not change when an off-axis spherical reference wave is used instead of a flat one at the stage of hologram recording. However, localization of interference fringes in the Fourier plane, where a pupil image of a positive lens is filtered (the lens was used for recording a hologram of a focused scatterer image), is not accompanied by a parallax phenomenon. In addition, in the case of controlling the longitudinal displacement of the scatterer, the interferometer sensitivity threshold is decreased.


Interference Pattern Interference Fringe Longitudinal Displacement Diffraction Field Hologram Recording 
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  1. 1.Tomsk State UniversityRussia

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