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In tribute to Prof. Michel Che scientific contributions and memories

It is a great honor and pleasure to contribute this short preface to the Special Issue of the international journal, Research on Chemical Intermediates dedicated to the late Professor Michel Che.

I first met Prof. Michel Che at the 13th International Congress on Catalysis held in Paris in 2004. And long after then in 2015, I was able to invite him and Prof. Salvatore Coluccia here in Fuzhou for the first time in July since I had invited Prof. Masakazu Anpo as an Invited Special Honorary Professor & International Advisor at Fuzhou University after his retirement from Osaka Prefecture University in 2015. These three professors were famous in the Catalysis Society for being very close, the best of friends. Since then, I invited Prof. Michel Che to give us lectures at Fuzhou University one or two times every year. I awarded him an Invited Honorary Professorship, and in May 2018, he was also presented with the China-France Lectureship Award by the Chinese Chemical Society (CCS) and kindly selected Fuzhou University to give his acceptance lecture. I remember that he first spoke of his personal history including the fact that his father emigrated from China to France and he was born and educated in France, then about his lifelong work on the oxygen species and their roles in catalysis, an impressive lecture which inspired and encouraged not only the students but also all of the faculty members. He always took the time to talk to the faculty and students afterward with words of advice and encouragement. Prof. Michel Che was also highly cultured and eager to learn about the history and traditions of Asia and loved the antiquity of China and the wisdom of Chinese philosophers.


With Prof. Michel Che (left) in the VIP room of Fuzhou University in May, 2018

It was shocking to hear of his passing last August 7, 2019. I would like to express my deepest and most sincere condolences to Prof. Che’s family and friends. And with much appreciation for his special friendship and mentorship at Fuzhou University, I pray that his soul now rests in peace.

President of Fuzhou University

Xianzhi Fu

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