Research on Chemical Intermediates

, Volume 43, Issue 2, pp 1047–1061 | Cite as

EPR and DFT study of the ethylene reaction with O radicals on the surface of nanocrystalline MgO

  • Alexander M. Volodin
  • Vasilii I. Avdeev
  • Sergei E. Malykhin
  • Alexander F. Bedilo


Different radical forms of oxygen (O, O 2 and O 3 ) on the surface of nanocrystalline MgO are well known. It was earlier demonstrated that EPR-silent species with properties very similar to those of O radicals exist on the surface of magnesium oxide in addition to the O radicals observed by EPR. In this study we characterized the reactivity of these two types of O radicals in reaction with ethylene. It was demonstrated that this reaction yields different products for observable and unobservable O radicals. Conventional \({\text{O}}_{{3{\text{C}}}}^{ - }\) radicals generated by MgO illumination with UV light at room temperature in the presence of oxygen initiate hydrogen atom abstraction from ethylene to form secondary radicals H2C=C with hyperfine splitting A 1 = 59 G, A 2 = 6 G. The \({\text{O}}_{{4{\text{C}}}}^{ - }\) radicals not observed directly by EPR were synthesized by MgO illumination in the presence of oxygen at 163 K followed by evacuation at 203 K. They were shown to react with ethylene to form an addition product with two groups of two equivalent protons with isotropic hyperfine constants A 1 = 38 G and A 2 = 23 G. Such radicals were obtained for the first time by reaction of O radicals with ethylene on the MgO surface. Their concentration was approximately equal to the concentration of [\({\text{O}}_{{4{\text{C}}}}^{ - }\)·O2] complexes observed by EPR before the oxygen desorption. The structures of both radicals were simulated by DFT, and a good match between the experimental and computational results was obtained.


O radicals MgO DFT EPR Ethylene 



This work was supported in part by Russian Foundation for Basic Research (Grants 14-03-01110-a and 15-03-08070-a).


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Alexander M. Volodin
    • 1
  • Vasilii I. Avdeev
    • 1
  • Sergei E. Malykhin
    • 1
  • Alexander F. Bedilo
    • 1
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  1. 1.Boreskov Institute of Catalysis SB RASNovosibirskRussia
  2. 2.Novosibirsk Institute of TechnologyMoscow State University of Design and Technology BranchNovosibirskRussia

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