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New heterogeneous B(OEt)3-MCM-41 catalyst for preparation of α,β-unsaturated alcohols



Grafting of boron tri-ethoxide on mesoporous MCM-41 resulted in a highly active catalyst for the Meerwein–Ponndorf–Verley (MPV) reduction and the catalyst denoted as B(OEt)3-MCM-41. Chemoselective reduction of α,β-unsaturated aldehydes and ketones to the corresponding α,β-unsaturated alcohols was achieved by MPV reduction reaction using a new B(OEt)3-MCM-41 catalyst. The prepared new heterogeneous catalyst, B(OEt)3-MCM-41, was characterized in detail by using XRD, 29Si NMR-, 11B NMR-, 13C NMR-, and TEM, N2 adsorption, and ICP-OES. The results demonstrated the successful homogenous distribution of the B(OEt)3 on the MCM-41 support. The heterogeneous B(OEt)3-MCM-41 catalyst, in comparison with the homogeneous B(O i Pr)3 and B(OEt)3 catalysts, displayed similiar catalytic activity in the MPV reduction of α,β-unsaturated aldehydes and ketones with alcohols as reductants. Reduced reaction times and very high selectivities for the unsaturated alcohols were obtained with the heterogenous catalyst compared with the homogeneous catalysts. The B(OEt)3-MCM-41 catalyst was found to be encouraging, as is is recyclable up to six cycles without any significant loss in its catalytic activity.


Mesoporous MCM-41 Boron tri-ethoxide Chemoselectivity α,β-Unsaturated aldehydes and ketones MPV reduction 



Scientific Research Projects Unit of Akdeniz University (Grant No. 2009.03.0121.005) is gratefully acknowledged.


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