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The intercultural dialogue: Preparing teachers for diversity

By Thor-André Skrefsrud. Waxmann, Münster, 2016, 152 pp. Religious Diversity and Education in Europe series, vol. 30. ISBN 978-3-8309-3413-4 (pbk), ISBN 978-3-8309-8413-9 (ePDF)
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Book Review

The topic of this book is increasingly controversial in the political and social environment of Europe and, indeed, all over the world. From academic and research points of view, any presentation of problems on the subject of intercultural dialogue is also increasingly challenging, which holds even more true for the implementation of transcultural ideas in a school curriculum. From a pessimistic perspective, it seems that “the problem” of cultural differences, which especially include educational environments, keeps its relevance mainly in such international bodies as the Council of Europe and UNESCO, while on the level of national politics the discourses of intercultural education are seemingly “losing their touch with reality”. However, the academic field and a complex area of research still exist in spite of the apparently weakening momentum of the advances of intercultural education in European school systems.

Skrefsrud’s book shows the discrepancies between the accumulated...

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