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Forging solidarity: Popular education at work

Edited by Astrid von Kotze and Shirley Walters. Sense Publishers, Rotterdam, 2017, 227 pp. ISBN 978-94-6300-921-8 (pbk), 978-94-6300-922-5 (hbk), 978-94-6300-923-2 (e-bk)
  • Alan Rogers
Book Review

This book brings together a number of studies of social action programmes which involve popular education (PE) and which were strengthened by explicit strategies of solidarity. Most of the case studies come from South Africa, where the conference from which this book grew was held; others come from elsewhere.

It is impossible in a review to do justice to the richness of this book. The South African studies form the core of the book. The first two chapters, looking at the history of the Black Consciousness and “radical workers’ education” movements in South Africa in the 1970s–1980s, and at pre-1994 women’s movements, discuss how these movements lost momentum over time. More recently, “stokvel” (micro-finance) groups in a township near Johannesburg show how “an informed community will be able to take collective action”, in this case using a “community mapping exercise” of local economic activities (pp. 90–91). Two chapters describe a programme working with those affected by HIV/AIDS in...

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