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Learning care lessons: Literacy, love, care and solidarity

By Maggie Feeley. The Tufnell Press, London, 2014, 200 pp. ISBN 978-1-872767-98-7 (pbk), ISBN 978-1-872767-04-8 (e-book)
  • Gail Spangenberg
Book Review

Learning care lessons: Literacy, love, care and solidarity, by Professor Maggie Feeley of University College Dublin (UCD), is must reading for researchers, programme planners, service providers and policy analysts who care about social justice, equality and adult literacy outreach. This highly textured ethnographic study bears significantly on the design and funding of adult education and workforce skills programmes for very low-skilled adults – in Ireland, in the USA and elsewhere.

Feeley argues that equality and literacy are interlinked. She worries that today’s heavy emphasis on employability and workforce issues is giving short shrift to literacy for social equity purposes and to the affective domains important for good programme design and professional development for the lowest-skilled adults. She challenges the “systems of privilege” that keep people of lower socioeconomic status down and deprived, often intentionally. Her study focuses on one under-recognised barrier to...


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