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Lifelong learning and teacher development

By Jaan Mikk, Marika Veisson and Piret Luik (eds). Peter Lang, New York, 2012, 161 pp. Estonian Studies in Education series, vol. 4. ISBN 978-3-631-62479-1 (hbk), ISBN 978-3-653-02147-9 (e-book)
  • Ali Ait Si Mhamed
Book Review

While reading Lifelong learning and teacher development by Jaan Mikk et al., some very important contextual ideas came to mind which are worth mentioning prior to digging into this work and reviewing it thoroughly. The first contextual point has to do with the core topic of this book, namely breaking through a deeply rooted traditional educational system of teacher-centred classroom teaching to the new approach of reflection, cooperation and development. The second contextual point concerns the geographical region being considered here: Estonia, a former Soviet Union region with new and innovative rethinking of its educational system. These two aspects will drive this book review to consider the following: the timely importance of this work, the teacher education reforms, and lifelong learning and teacher development.

With respect to the timely importance of this fourth volume of the Estonian Studies in Education series, research published in this edition shows not only what is...

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