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Planning for technical and vocational skills development

By Kenneth King and Robert Palmer. UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning, Paris, 2010. 138 pp. Fundamentals of Educational Planning series, vol. 94. ISBN 978-92-803-1352-9 (pbk)
  • Joseph Zajda
Book Review

In Planning for Technical and Vocational Skills Development, Kenneth King and Robert Palmer provide a useful overview of recent and global findings in technical and vocational skills development (TVSD). The term TVSD is the more current construct of technical and vocational education and training (TVET), popularised by the World Bank’s policy reports. Due to globalisation and the changing nature of the market, of work, and increasing competition for markets and jobs, there is a need to re-examine not only the significance of vocational qualifications but also the nexus between qualifications and the job market in the global economy (Zajda 2007). This is very well addressed by King and Palmer.

In Chapter 1, the authors examine policy changes impacting on TVSD, economic and social dimensions and reform initiatives. They point to the dramatic rise in TVSD on the global agenda. They offer a historical glimpse of technical and vocational training around the world. What is interesting is the...


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