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Spectrum of lifelong education

By Rameshwari Pandya (ed.). Concept Publishing Company Pvt Ltd, New Delhi, 2011, 310 pp. ISBN 978-81-8069-744-9 (hbk)
  • Malini Ghose
Book Review

Spectrum of Lifelong Education is an edited volume of 21 articles traversing a vast canvas of Indian experiences in terms of contexts, themes and approaches. It deals with, as the jacket cover announces, “various aspects, concepts, processes and strategies related to adult education” and claims to provide conceptual clarity. As a practitioner of adult education, particularly women’s literacy in India, and having engaged with various policy-making forums, I therefore read the book with several expectations.

Lifelong Education and Learning is a concept that is subject to various definitions and understandings and indeed there is limited research under this rubric emerging from the developing world. CONFINTEA VI and the Belém Framework for Action, to which the Indian government is a signatory, have put lifelong learning centre stage in the discourses on adult learning, yet in the Indian context it is still not a very commonly used concept. Post-literacy and Continuing Education (CE)...

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