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Language awareness in teacher education: Cultural-political and social-educational perspectives

By Stephan Breidbach, Daniela Elsner and Andrea Young (eds). Peter Lang, Frankfurt, 2010, 281 pp. Mehrsprachigkeit in Schule und Unterricht series, vol. 13. ISBN 978-3-631-61464-8 (hbk), ISBN 978-3-653-00669-8 (e-book)
  • Susan E. Elliott-Johns
Book Review

This timely book documents research in the fields of both language studies and teacher education, and highlights and clarifies inevitable intersections of the two. The editors’ major focus is on the increasing importance of acknowledging that a) awareness of language matters, and b) language awareness is a multi-faceted concept with social, cultural and political implications in contemporary education. “Multi- and plurilingualism in teaching and learning (MSU) addresses the complexity of a multilingual world, multilingual societies and plurilingual individuals” (p. 5). The compilation of these papers from a number of researchers, all engaged in very different contexts, effectively presents a range of diverse perspectives and exploration of notions, concepts and complexities inherent in language awareness initiatives in teacher education around the world. Thus the editors “offer a forum for research representing the whole spectrum of scientific enquiry into multilingual education” (p....


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