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Dimitris Mattheou (ed.): Changing educational landscapes. Educational policies, schooling systems and higher education – A comparative perspective

Springer, Dordrecht, 2010, 290 pp, ISBN 978-90-481-8533-7 (hbk), ISBN 978-90-481-8534-4 (e-book)
  • Daniel H. Jarvis
Book Review

Edited by Dimitris Mattheou of the University of Athens, Changing Educational Landscapes: Educational Policies, Schooling Systems and Higher EducationA Comparative Perspective(2010), features a compilation of 16 chapters written by international conference participants of the 23rd Conference of the Comparative Education Society in Europe (CESE) which took place in Athens, Greece, in July 2008. Organised into the following five main parts, Mattheou’s collection presents a broad, sweeping panorama of many facets of educational change/reform at multiple educational levels: (i) Knowledge: Epistemological and Ideological Shifts, (ii) Access and Transitions, (iii) Old and New Solidarities, (iv) Learning and Teaching, Quality and Assessment, and (v) Redefining Space. In his introduction, Mattheou, then President of the Greek Comparative and International Education Society, cleverly adopts a photography exhibition (2009) dealing with the rich history of the city of Athens as a powerful...

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