The present status of landfill leachate treatment and its development trend from a technological point of view

  • Junling Gao
  • Violet Oloibiri
  • Michael Chys
  • Wim Audenaert
  • Bjorge Decostere
  • Yanling He
  • Herman Van Langenhove
  • Kristof Demeestere
  • Stijn W. H. Van Hulle
Review Paper


More and more stringent requirements for pollution control and the implementation of the new discharge standard for landfill leachate make the development and application of landfill leachate treatment a research focus. The aim of the review is to determine appropriate technique for effective treatment of landfill leachate. In the paper, various leachate treatment technologies are presented and summarized, the key control parameters and some main problems are discussed from a technological point of view. It is proposed that the improvement of existing technical and the development and industrial application of a new treatment for landfill leachate are necessary. The development and application of integrated leachate treatment process of different physical, biological and chemical technologies could be a suitable option to reduce the contamination levels of leachate. Particularly, advanced oxidation technologies and an efficient integration between physical–chemical processes and biochemical processes are indicated as a significant research direction of new technology development.


Landfill leachate Chemical and physical methods Biological methods Combined leachate treatment Advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) 



Junling Gao is supported by the China Scholarship Council (CSC) by a CSC PhD grant. Violet Oloibiri is supported by the Kirdi Institute (Kenya). This work fits within the IWT-Tetra project ANR [80126] and FYBAR [140218], the LED H2O project supported by Vlakwa and the Shaanxi Major projects for Innovative Science and Technology (Grant No. 2011KTZB03-03-01).


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