Plants as potential sources of natural immunomodulators

  • Shruti Shukla
  • Vivek K. Bajpai
  • Myunghee Kim


In recent years, the immunomodulating properties of plants are being studied extensively with greater interest due to the growing awareness on immune system modulation and to achieve the desirable effects on disease prevention. Several plant remedies well-known in traditional medicine exert their anti-infective effects not only by directly affecting the pathogen, but also by stimulating natural and adaptive defense mechanisms of the host. Therefore plant-remedies have become versatile means with improved immunotherapy. The aim of this review is to highlight the efficacy of available literature evidences on natural immunomodulators of plant origin. In addition, several aspects on plants and their phytoconstituents responsible for immunomodulation have been discussed. A brief explanation has also been given on the use and efficacy of chemical immunomodulators. Moreover, this review also discusses biological screening methods for various plant-based immunodrugs that focus on revealing the mechanism involved in immunomodulation. Hence, botanicals, the diverse chemical complexes, could provide appropriate combinations of synergistic moieties useful in immune drug discovery. In this article, we reviewed the importance of traditional medicines as natural products related to immunodrugs.


Plants Immunomodulators Chemical immunomodulators Therapeutics Immunodrugs 


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