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Lloyd Strickland: Leibniz on God and Religion: A Reader

Bloomsbury, London, UK, 2016, xiii and 350 pp., $112.00 (hb)
  • Charles Joshua Horn
Book Review

During the last century, Leibniz scholarship has primarily been devoted to his writings concerning a constellation of issues in logic, language, and mathematics. Because of the emphasis on these issues, other parts of Leibniz’s thought have been neglected. Such neglect is especially unfortunate given that Leibniz believed that his thought in these areas was ultimately supposed to both clarify and glorify the nature of God. Of course, Leibniz’s interest in the divine was not just theoretical. He believed that a proper understanding of God would elucidate different aspects of the distinct religions in Western Europe in the eighteenth century. Leibniz, ever the optimist, genuinely believed that debates between Catholics and Protestants could be solved with a proper understanding of the relevant issues. In other words, Leibniz’s ardent faith in reason guided his belief that tragedies like the 30 Years War would never happen again.

Despite the importance of Leibniz’s interest in religious...

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