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Eleonore Stump: The God of the Bible and the God of the philosophers

Marquette University Press, Milwaukee, 2016, 116 pp, $15.00 (hb)
  • Michael T. McFall
Book Review

The God of the Bible and the God of the Philosophers arises from the 2016 Aquinas Lecture given by Eleonore Stump. She observes that many contemporary philosophers and theologians take the God of the Bible to be fundamentally different from the God of the philosophers. And when the distinction between the God of classical theism and the biblical God is posited, many prefer the latter. Stump’s overall project, then, is to demonstrate that there is no inconsistency between the biblical God and the God of classical theism. To make a case for consistency, she examines the work of Aquinas, a paradigmatic classical theist, specifically his views on the Holy Spirit and three divine attributes—immutability, eternality, and simplicity.

Stump begins with an example of how God is presented in the Hebrew Bible through the story of Jonah. God relates with Jonah, a human being, in highly personal ways. God communicates, responds to needs, responds to prayers, and apparently even sometimes changes...

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