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This issue is dedicated to the memory of William L. Rowe. A tribute by his friend William Wainwright follows this Preface.

Bill Rowe served on the Editorial Board of this journal and was regular participant in the The Society for the Philosophy of Religion. Indeed philosophers of religion far and wide have learned so much from his contributions to our field. This is especially true of his work on the evidential problem of evil. His formulation of the thesis that theism and gratuitous evil are incompatible is an undisputed classic.

But more than all of this, Bill was real mensch. He called himself a friendly atheist, and that he was. He was a friend to theists and theism even though he was a critic of both. As such, he did much to forward the dialogue between the theism and atheism. Accordingly, it seems fitting to gather essays in this issue that show how each side of this debate can continue to learn from each other.

In the first article, Jeanine Diller explores the distinction...


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