Andre C. Willis: Toward a Humean true religion

The Pennsylvania State University Press, University Park, USA, 2014, 248 pp (cloth)
  • Beryl Logan
Book Review

Much philosophical commentary proceeds by way of identifying an interpretive framework that, although derived from a text, is then applied to further understand that text, serving a ‘useful’ purpose in determining a philosopher’s ‘true’ position. The imposition of an interpretive framework has a long-standing history in Humean scholarship. Specifically and relevantly, in 1905, Norman Kemp Smith proposed that a doctrine, which he called ‘natural belief’ exists in David Hume's Treatise Concerning Human Understandingalthough Hume never uses that terminology or even hints that there is a conceptual framework covering the beliefs discussed. In his article Kemp Smith proposes that the beliefs in causality, the external world and the self can be grouped into the category of ‘natural beliefs’ to distinguish them from other empirical beliefs. These beliefs are indispensible to human endeavours, necessary, and believed in ‘naturally’ rather than justified empirically. Other empirically...

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