Co3O4-g-C3N4 composites with enhanced peroxidase-like activities for the degradation of environmental rhodamine B


Co3O4-g-C3N4 hybrid catalysts with different levels of cobalt doping were successfully synthesized via a facile one-pot thermal condensation method. The composition and morphology of the as-prepared Co3O4-g-C3N4 were characterized by XRD, FT-IR and SEM techniques, and evaluated for the catalytic oxidation of 3′,3′,5′,5′-tetramethylbenzidinein (TMB) in the presence of hydrogen peroxide, focusing on the nature of peroxidase-like activity. Catalytic kinetic analysis reveals that the optimized 2.0wt%Co3O4-g-C3N4 shows affinity toward TMB higher than g-C3N4, having activity comparable to that of horseradish peroxidase. This is plausibly due to the synergistic effect of Co3O4 and g-C3N4 as well as the structure of Co3O4-g-C3N4. In rhodamine B degradation, 2.0wt%Co3O4-g-C3N4 displays a reaction rate four times that of g-C3N4. The results reveal that Co3O4-g-C3N4 is a promising artificial peroxidase mimic efficient for degrading water contaminants.

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This funding was supported by Natural Science Foundation of Hunan Province [Grant Nos. 2020JJ4243, 2018JJ4046] and The Scientific Research Fund of Hunan Provincial Education Department [Grant No. 16C0392].

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