Direct photocatalytic synthesis of N2/H2O to ammonia by plasmonic metal Pt supported on coal based graphene oxide/silica dioxide


Here, we report the photocatalytic synthesis of N2/H2O to NH3 over plasmonic metal Pt supported on the coal-based graphene oxide/silica dioxide. Through the capture experiments of active substance, the photoinduced electrons were found to play a key role during the photocatalysis. As proving by the FDTD theoretical calculation, the photogenerated electric filed can distribute around the surface of Pt nanoparticle via SPR effect under visible light, which can weaken the bond of N≡N by polarization. NH3 and N2H4 were found to be the photocatalytic products due to the results of the 1H NMR characterization.

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The authors are grateful for the financial support of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (21862020).

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  • Photocatalytic synthesis of NH3
  • Pt
  • SPR effect
  • Coal
  • GO
  • SiO2