Radiophysics and Quantum Electronics

, Volume 59, Issue 1, pp 22–32 | Cite as

Model of the Dynamics of Plasma-Wave Channels in Magnetized Plasmas

  • E. A. Shirokov
  • Yu. V. Chugunov

We analyze the dynamics of the plasma-wave channels excited in magnetized plasmas in the whistler frequency range. A linear theory of excitation of a plasma waveguide by an external source is developed using the quasistatic approximation. Self-consistent spatio-temporal distributions of the electric field of quasipotential waves and plasma density, which are solutions of the nonlinear nonstationary problem of the ionizing self-channeling of waves in plasmas are found on the basis of the linear theory.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of SciencesNizhnyRussia

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