A new extension of the (H.2) supercongruence of Van Hamme for primes \(p\equiv 3\pmod {4}\)


Using Andrews’ multiseries generalization of Watson’s \(_8\phi _7\) transformation, we give a new extension of the (H.2) supercongruence of Van Hamme for primes \(p\equiv 3\pmod {4}\), as well as its q-analogue. Meanwhile, applying the method of ‘creative microscoping’, recently introduced by the author and Zudilin, we establish some further q-supercongruences modulo \(\Phi _n(q)^3\), where \(\Phi _n(q)\) denotes the nth cyclotomic polynomial in q.

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We thank the anonymous referee for valuable comments.

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  • Cyclotomic polynomial
  • q-Congruence
  • Supercongruence
  • Andrews’ transformation
  • Watson’s transformation

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