Shifted convolution sums related to Hecke–Maass forms


Let \(\phi (z)\) be a primitive Hecke–Maass cusp forms with Laplace eigenvalue \(\tfrac{1}{4}+t^2\). Denote by \(L(s, \mathrm{sym}^m\phi )\) the m-th symmetric power L-function associated to \(\phi \) and by \(\lambda _{\mathrm{sym}^m\phi }(n)\) the n-th coefficient of the Dirichlet expansion of \(L(s, \mathrm{sym}^m\phi )\). For any nonzero integer \(\ell \) we prove

$$\begin{aligned} \sum _{n\leqslant x} \left| \lambda _{\phi }(n)\lambda _{\phi }(n+\ell )\right| \ll _{\phi , \ell } \frac{x}{(\log x)^{0.187}} \qquad (x\geqslant 3). \end{aligned}$$

This improves Holowinsky’s corresponding result, which requires \(\tfrac{1}{6}\) in place of 0.187. for all \(x\geqslant 3\). Further assuming that \(L(s, \mathrm{sym}^{10}\phi )\) and \(L(s, \mathrm{sym}^{12}\phi )\) are automorphic cuspidal, we obtain a conditional generalization to the symmetric square case:

$$\begin{aligned} \sum _{n\leqslant x} \left| \lambda _{\mathrm{sym}^2\phi }(n)\lambda _{\mathrm{sym}^2\phi }(n+\ell )\right| \ll _{\phi , \ell } \frac{x}{(\log x)^{0.196}} \qquad (x\geqslant 3). \end{aligned}$$

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  1. 1.

    In Sect. 3.5 below, we shall explain the reason behind these choices.


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This work was done during the visit of the first author to Institut Élie Cartan de l’Université de Lorraine. The hospitality and nice working conditions of IECL were gratefully acknowledged.

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  • Fourier coefficients
  • Rankin–Selberg L-function
  • Sieve method

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