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History on the Move ... Revisiting. The Suffering of the Immigrants From the Latino/a Perspective

  • Suzanne Oboler
Symposium on Abdelmalek Sayad's The Suffering of the Immigrant

The emigrant is fated to go on being present even when he is absent and, correlatively, to not be totally present where he is present.

Abdelmalek Sayad

It is common in academic works to find studies on the lives and experiences of social groups and on individuals presented as if they were mere objects of analysis, sometimes even laboratory specimens, rather than living human beings, with both deeply felt, often painful experiences, as well as dreams, hopes, expectations, frustrations and disappointments. Solidly grounded on interviews with Algerian immigrants in France and on his own personal migration experience from Algeria, Abdelmalek Sayad's posthumously published, sociological study, The suffering of the immigrant, goes against the grain, attempting instead to bring those lived experiences, feelings and expectations to the fore. As a result, his approach makes it more possible to address in an encompassing way, an ever more urgent issue for social research—namely, the...


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